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The stationary filter must be thoroughly cleansed after every use.  While any dish soap will clean the mask, I wanted a deep cleaning with less suds. Vinegar has been used for years to enhance natural cleansing while botanicals like lavender leave a fresh clean scent.


Bay leaves also have excellent properties. While I can not guarantee the ingredients in this cleanser, I can tell you that after using it over the past 12 months, the mask and filter are still usable and when compared to other filters, even when new, has provided the most clean, comfortable and secure feeling.


By the grace of God, I never contracted COVID-19.


Lavender & Bay Leaf Cleaning Solution

Out of Stock
  • Would you like to help me refine this product by trying this cleanser? You must purchase a mask and sign a release to be eligible to receive a free, 4 ounce bottle of cleansing liquid.

    You will be asked to take a survey after using this product. Your information will help in further development.

    This product can not be purchased separately at this time. DO NOT ADD TO CART.

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