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Who would have thought a little over a year ago, that the entire world would continue to be impacted by a microscopic, .03 +/- micron virus? It has  not only interrupted the world's supply chains and economies, but has already taken the lives of millions and continues to infect daily.

Although, several pharmaceutical companies have developed vaccines and many people are feeling somewhat safer, the truth of the matter is that the virus is still on the planet and even fully vaccinated people can still be impacted.


It was back in March of 2020 when I first understood just how precarious this virus was and is, that I pondered what I could do to help save lives. Shortly after this, God gave me an idea; a cloth mask that covers all  3 major points of entry to the respiratory system. This mask would have no metal nose band but would lay close to the contour of the face making it more comfortable to wear. It would also be washable using a permanent, reusable filter; one that has a pressure drop specifically made for the human lung.

3 layers of Protection

The First Layer of Defense

The tiny corona virus molecule can easily pass through woven or knitted fabrics, but there are some factors that can help to slow down particle penetration and trap droplets before they reach your respiratory system. 


The front-facing fabric in my mask is a 100% cotton, tightly woven 2-by-1 twill weave with a micro-brushed surface. The dense, 200+ thread count fabric helps to block particles by close interlacing threads, while the brushed finish helps to catch and absorb moisture droplets before they even reach the filter.

righthand twill 2.png

The Third Layer of Defense

The mask is lined with a 200 thread count,100% cotton, undyed muslin cloth. This comfortable fiber does not irritate the skin and it's performance property, as we all know, helps to absorb moisture from the inside making it more tolerable to wear for long periods of time.

The Spun Hydro Filter

The second and most impressive layer of defense is Sanctuary Systems' Spun Hydro filter. This nonwoven textile is lightweight, strong, air permeable and is 89% effective in bacteria filtration by itself. 

Pressure drop refers to how much pressure is needed to pull air through the filter. If a filter is too dense, the human lung has to work harder to pull in air through it. This is one of the main reasons why people don't like to wear them. It's just too hard to breathe through the filter.

On the contrary, this filter has an upper limit of 79.2 % making it noticeably easier to breathe through it while still blocking partials. It also has an initial electrostatic charge which is an extra-added feature to help eliminate the need to double mask.

You can actually blow-up a nitrile glove through this mask to see the breathability.

Disposable verses Reusable

White Structure
cutting the binding.png

The Team

VRO Engineered Designs, LLC manufactures the VROTECT mask with help from the following:

Vanessa Robinson-Favors

President and COO

VRO Engineered Designs, LLC

VRO Engineered Designs, LLC was established in 1991. Over the years, it has grown from a custom dressmaking service to a fashion education training center. Currently, VRO has several brands.

VROTECT is the subsidiary brand for protective sewn products. It was and is given by God to help protect people from the COVID virus.

Phone: 678-487-3700

Covid still.png
Beautiful Landscape

Rodney Smith

Chairman of the Board

Simon's Branch

Simon's Branch is a nondenominational Christian organization that was established in 2002. It provides people of color with an opportunity to serve marginalized communities that are primarily in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Jamaica. It achieves this through programs that are designed to reduce hunger and poverty by providing education, training, job opportunities, feeding programs, and healthcare without regard to gender, race, religion, creed or political affiliation.

Simon’s Branch has established relationships and partnerships with a variety of organizations in South Africa, Jamaica, Liberia, Zimbabwe and the United States. One of those relationships is with VRO Engineered Design, LLC.

Simon’s Branch’s vision for the world is that the hope for physical and spiritual well-being will become a reality.


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