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Not just a filter, but a filter for face masks

Spun Hydro is ASTM tested in weight, thickness, tensile strength, elongation, water absorption, bacterial filtration efficiency, Latex partial challenge and pressure drop.

What this essentially means is that you can feel and breathe better through this textile.

Electro-static Charge

The electro-static filter is permanently sandwiched between two layers of cloth. This greatly reduces the possibility of releasing the virus molecules each time a filter is changed and enables you to simply wash any lodged partials away.

While the charge is reduced after 14 washes, both cloth layers remain effective in minimum gatherings with social distancing guidelines.


Nonwoven, Spun-hydro Filter Fabric

Nonwoven textiles are constructed differently than wovens or knits. Interlaced or inter-looped fabrics have spaces between the yarns even when the thread count is high, but the compact, tightly intermeshed nonwoven fabric for this filter is almost completely closed making it an excellent choice for a mask filter.

This kind of fabric is made by entangling the fibers and/or yarns with water jets.

ASTM Tested

The filter fabric has been ASTM tested in weight, thickness, tensile strength, elongation, water absorbency, bacteria filtration, latex particle and pressure drop.

Lab Experiments

Cleaning Solution

Usually, the longer you wear a mask, the more likely you are to get the feeling that it is not clean from the inside and you are right. This is especially true if you've had it on for 4 hours or more with lots of talking.

Keep your mask clean and fresh smelling everyday.

Lavender and Bay Leaf:

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