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The first ear, nose & mouth reusable cloth mask

because it's all connected

Patent Pending

Although there are many masks on the market, VROTECT masks provide the wearer with features other masks do not have: an extended face, a defined chin-seat, ear covering flaps and for the

"2-way" VNG-3F-2WMSK style, a reverse wearing position. 

Don't leave yourself or loved ones exposed especially with the threat of the more transmissible delta variant and others now also circulating. Consider our mask which covers three major points of entry to the respiratory system; the mouth, nose and ear

"because, truly, it is all connected".


The unique Ear Flap design gives you relief from elastic.

Chin Seat provides secure and comfort for all day wear. You almost forget that you are wearing it!

Tie and/or slip over ear to secure.

Breathe easy with little to no fog on your glasses.

Easy on your face; little if any imprinting.

How It Works


Protect the Ear

The majority of masks on the market leave the ear totally exposed. Currently, we don't know why some people are asymptomatic while others are not. The tiny virus partial could easily live in the cup of the ear and the unknowing host could infect themselves and possibly others with simple hand to face, nose, mouth and ear contact.


Protect the Face

When partials and droplets blast or linger in the air, they could potentially land and rest anywhere on the face. Face shields take this into consideration, but again, it's just more gear to wear. Our mask covers a significant portion of the face and head while allowing you more comfort and  freedom.


Protect the Lungs

Keeping the COVID-19 virus out of the body is the main goal of all masks. Our mask not only utilizes three layers of protection, but specifically has the following, build-in defense features:

  • A brushed finish on the face fabric to absorb some of the droplets

  • A permanent, but breathable spun-hydro filter with an initial electro-static charge

  • A total of 400+ thread-count between the 100% cotton face and lining fabrics.

Why Choose Us

48+ Years of Patternmaking, Sewing & Textile Science Experience

Made in America

Certified ASTM Filter Fabric

Comfort with Security

Different design

Competitively priced



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